Asphalt Driveway Paving | What You Should Know

Asphalt driveway paving is definitely an important installation procedure, and if it is done right then it will definitely improve the attractiveness of your outdoor home space.  Asphalt is a durable material, and if it is installed properly then it may last for more than 20 years. Asphalt driveway paving is definitely a big an expensive job. Therefore, it is important that it should be done in a precise method. Many people consider hiring an asphalt driveway paving contractor. However, you can also do it yourself, if you have adequate knowledge. Since, driveway paving is a costlier and crucial job. Therefore, it is recommended that you must hire an experienced contractor for the driveway paving.

Things to Consider for the Driveway Paving

There are many things which you must take into consideration before deciding in the driveway paving.

  • The first thing that you must consider before hiring a contractor is getting 3-4 quotes from the available contractors. It will help you to conclude how much money you need to spend on the asphalt driveway paving. It will also help you to conclude the cheapest price for the driveway paving.
  •  In order to obtain the accurate quote, you must calculate the length and width of the driveway. You can also make a rough sketch of the driveway to explain what you exactly desire from the contractor.
  •  Also, before finalizing any contractor, you must ask them for their experience and previous work. You can contact with the previous clients of the contractor to ensure that contractor has an adequate potential to perform the job in a precise manner.
  • You must talk to the perspective paving contractor on drainage and proper slopes. Otherwise you may end up with the water pooling on the driveway or draining into the home or garage. You must discuss about the ideal gravel bases. Since, the good gravel base is important for the long life of the driveway.
  • You must prepare a proper contract for the paving job. In the contract, you must include the quotes about the payment, work and work stages. You must include the definitive time period for the completion of the job. Also, the proper plan to release the payment as the work progress. This will secure your investment on the asphalt driveway paving.
  • Usually, people ask the contractor to bring the raw material that is needed for the asphalt driveway paving. However, it is recommended that you must ask the contractor for the list of material required for the paving and get it by yourself. This will help you to choose the best material in the accurate cost. Most contractors include their commission in the cost of material and use poor quality material for the paving.

Best Time of Year for the Asphalt Driveway Paving

Usually, the best time for the asphalt driveway paving is during warm weather, like, early fall, late spring and summer. While paving asphalt is needed to be heated and poured on the gravel base. During cold weather, the asphalt will cool down fast, and it will become difficult to smooth and finish the driveway. 

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